Distinctive features of WIELTORIA 430 motor boat, which make her special among other boats of this length

1. One may change the character and usage of the boat

Wieltoria 430

The thwarts in the cockpit may be disassembled.
The vast space thus obtained may be furnished again at will with seats or other elements.

2. Large and smooth under bunk storage compartments

Wieltoria 430

All the under bunk storage compartments are made of laminated boxed. Thanks to this solution, they have very smooth interiors, whose quality is much higher than that of topcoated inner parts of the sides.
Gluing the boxes to the deck, instead of laminating them within the construction of the deck, results in their having maximum volume not limited by coamings and the shape of the deck.

3. Self-draining cockpit

Wieltoria 430

Even during rainfall, when keeping the motor boat without any covering, one does not have to remove rain water from it. It will flow out on its own by a special drain.
If a large amount of water suddenly gets into the boat, the outflow will also be possible via the steering and control cables tunnel.

Wieltoria 430

4. The boat is unsinkable

By tightly gluing together the deck and the hull, we have obtained a closed space, which keeps the boat afloat, even when it is heavily flooded, until it is emptied as described in point 3.

5. The boat is unsinkable even if a side or the bottom are damaged

Wieltoria 430

Losing tightness of, puncturing or damaging a side or the bottom of the boat, does not necessarily make it sink thanks to the filling of closed spaces with laminated foamed polystyrene.

6. Protection against damage to the bottom of the boat

Wieltoria 430

The bottom part of the hull is reinforced with thickened laminate and an insert of foamed PVC where it is most exposed to hitting against underwater obstacles.
Additionally, the bottom part of the hull has structural stiffening in the form of tight spaces of small cubic volume. When the plating is damaged, water enters only such limited space, not the whole closed space of the boat.

These special features secure the comfort and safety of sailing,
which should always be taken into consideration when making a decision about buying a motor boat.